Health and Happiness is our natural state of Being.

The Trinity Project is a platform designed for the contribution of knowledge of all available options for optimal health and well being, from people around the world just like you.

Trinity - Members of a Union.

Union - The act or instance of uniting.

Uniting - To join together for a common purpose.

Project - A particular plan or intention.


We are dedicated to Body, Mind and Spirit in harmony by Uniting people worldwide and creating a comprehensive holistic resource for the complete health and healing of the whole being. We emphasize great respect for the innate human capacity for healing and encourage everyone to learn about selfcare methods in order to promote their own health and wellness. 


Please post your stories of health and healing, natural remedies or unusual cures, your experiences of being human, prayer requests if you need them...anything you like!



"It's All About All Of Us."


Thank you for your decision to support TheTrinity Project. We Gratefully accept our abundance knowing that our Joy is in the circulating and sharing it.  We also know the Universe will return to you a thousand-fold, for there is only abundance in Universal Mind. 

Giving is a way to express our greatest blessings, as well as our values. May avalanches of abundance pour in and pile up for you! Many Blessings!